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Flexible, Functional & Hygienic Acrylics



Solid Surfacing





Acrylic materials offer design versatility, function and durability and are available in an extremely wide variety of colors and are nonporous, making them stain resistant, easy to clean and highly resistant to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Most projects use ½” thick slab material, but ¼” and ¾” thick material is also available from some manufacturers. Properly glued joints and seams are inconspicuous and nearly imperceptible on slabs that have consistent coloration and patterns. In addition, sinks and splashes can be perfectly integrated to create the illusion of a single, solid surface. With a cove-backsplash there are no cracks to collect dirt and moisture. Acrylics are also thermoformable and can be bent into curves and three-dimensional shapes, such as lavatory bowls, vanities, and columns, that would be challenging or impossible to duplicate with stone or other materials.

While acrylic materials are softer and less durable than stone and glass/porcelain-based “green” materials, they are more easily repaired when damaged, because designs and colors are typically consistent throughout, damaged pieces can be easily cut out and replaced with a new piece. They are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary non-abrasive cleanser and a nonabrasive scouring pad. Cigarette burns, for example, can be easily removed in this way. In addition, acrylic materials enable unique edge treatments and inlays, including those with sandwiched contrasting colors, and some colors are translucent, which provides designers and customers with additional ways to personalize projects.

Plamar is authorized to fabricate and install all major acrylic brands. Click on any of the brand logos on the right to learn more and to see color selections.