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Custom Fabricated Countertops, Tub Decks, Shower Walls & More

We custom fabricate and install a wide range of high quality products used in residential, commercial and other settings. Most of the thousands of projects we complete each year include kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, and may also include bathroom tub decks, full height shower wall surrounds, fireplaces, staircases, floor medallions, and outdoor BBQ countertops, among other things.

We use only raw slabs that are individually selected by our customers who then approve the layout on their slabs, prior to being custom fabricated in one of our three Northern California facilities. Taking this approach requires more effort than using pre-fabricated “blanks”, but we are able to complete installation of most projects within a week after creating templates, delivering a higher quality product and superior customer experience for a surprisingly affordable price:

  • You get the color you want because you are able to chose your favorite slabs from our onsite inventory of over 10,000 slabs at our three locations. Click here to view sample colors that we typically stock.
  • You are billed only for the material you use, when you select material from our huge inventory. Click here to request a quote.
  • Your design is more unique, because you selected your slabs and approved how each piece would be cut from them and you were able to personalize your design with dozens of edge options. Click here to view some of the edge profile options we offer.
  • Your finished product is more attractive, because it is fabricated using exact templates created at the beginning of the project, and since we are cutting the pieces from slabs that are typically 6’ x 8’ or larger, we are able to cut larger pieces and minimize the number of seams and blend them into the design. Click here to view a sampling of a few of the tens of thousands of projects we’ve completed since 1989.

Whether your project is large and contains curves, intricate shapes, and non-standard edge details or it is smaller and more straightforward, our objective is to always deliver unmatched overall quality, value and a superior customer experience.